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Tommy, the Turkey Star

Tommy Turkey Tommy the Turkey had pumpkin pie
And oh, he loved it so.
He danced and he wobbled
Then chuckled and gobbled
And ordered a piece to go—oh!!

Tommy the Turkey had dressing, too
And gravy on the side.
The potatoes were whipped,
Sweet iced tea he sipped,
When finished Tommy sighed:

"This Thanksgiving dinner was pretty good
But it was not complete.
All veggies won't do it,
Let's face it, we blew it,
It needed a little white meat—so...

"It's time that we make the sacrifice
That gives us turkeys fame,
So cook us up nice
With sweet tasty spice.
We star in the Thanksgiving game."

(Repeat last two verses)

—Grandpa Tucker
Copyright ©1997 Bob Tucker

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Background from Realm Graphics. Turkey modified from graphic licensed from PrintMaster.
Midi sequenced by Margi Harrell, downloaded from MIDI Made Music Jukebox Page.
Copyright ©1997-2000 by Bob Tucker. Written permission required for reproduction
on the web or in any manner other than home or individual classroom use.   //11/1/97

URL: http://www.grandpatucker.com/thanksgiving/sg-tommy_turk.shtml