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Fun and Games

Here are wonderful FREE animated greeting cards to send to friends and family - just to say "Hi!" or for holidays and special occassions. There are even birthday invitations. And, of course, you can add music, a message, and a special stamp. You will find it lots of fun just to look around the site. For some of the cards, you will need to have a browser that can handle Java, and maybe a little time for the images to load.

BlackDog! The Site for Kids!
Better bring a sandwich along for your visit to Blackdog, you will be here a while! You can read stories and some very bird-brained jokes, send a postcard, listen to music—and that just for starters. There's no food at the Internet Refrigerator but you will find graphics for your web page and pictures to color. You can even send in your pictures to go on the fridge. Billy Beaver's Gameshow! has a ton of games most using Java or javascript. You will need to have a java enabled browser. And as with most java, a good connection always helps.

Domino Plaza
Get out those dominoes and check out this site for "the rules to virtually any domino game on Earth." There are also a domino bibliography, links to donmino software and domino clubs, and information on tipping dominoes. Go to Family Games Plaza for the rules for other games.

Foam Bath Fish Time
This classic site remains a fun way to find out the time right this minute in any continental US time zone or Greenwich Mean Time.

Kid Crafts
A simple page of directions for craft projects and activities for even young children. A good resource for parents, scout leaders, and teachers. Includes recipes for all kinds of goop, clay, and bubbles. Some additonal craft links are included.

Stage Hand Puppets Activity Page
Make interactive puppets right online. How about 101 Dalmatians (with wagging tails!)? Download patterns to make paper puppets, Write and perform in an online play. Get hints for making other kinds of puppets and performance and ventriloquism tips. For more information on puppets try The Puppetry Home Page.

BU Interactive WWW Games
Games to play online: Tic Tac Toe, Pegs, Minesweep, 9 Puzzle, Hunt the Wumpus (an interactive multi-player game), and more. Some of the games offer a non-graphical option. Java games like Armada (think Battleship) are here as well. You play Armada against the computer. Give it time to load and then the game goes very quickly.

Live And Learn - Preschool Learning Page
Go half-way down the page to "Fun Stuff" to find simple online educational games to help preschoolers develop basic concepts. (Shapes, color words, opposites, number recognition, simple addition and subtraction) So sit that little one on your lap and play a game right now. For children ages 3 1/2 to 5 with adult help.

Kino's Matching Game
You know Kino from the PBS show Storytime. Start at the lowest level and work your way up to the hardest puzzle of all. Put the youngest ones on your lap and have them select a square and identify the pictures. (Preschool to 10 years)

Carlos' Coloring Book
Select different pictures to color online. This requires frequent reloading as the coloring is done. Plan on some patience on slower connections.

John's Word Search Puzzles
A classic oldie and still goodie. Over 100 word search puzzles to print out and solve offline with a pencil. Themes include holidays, trains, television shows, zoo animals, Ohio, and so many more. New puzzles for kids and adults are added each month.

The T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. Project
What some people will do to put off cramming for finals! You're going to have to go to see what this is all about. Yes, it does involve those delicious vanilla-cream Twinkies.


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