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If you are using the poems and stories in your home, school, or place of worship, our visitors are always interested to hear how you are using the materials and/or the children's reaction to it. Send them along. Please note: I will not use your name without your permission.

Keep smiling,
Grandpa Tucker

Thank you for your responses. They continue to be very helpful. Here is a sampling of the notes (edited for privacy) I have received.

Hi again. I just wanted to let you know that this holiday season I used your Freddie the Elf piece with my 6th graders. I selected some students to memorize a verse each and to learn to say it with all the expression they could muster. Then the rest of the class learned the song. On the last day of school we donned Santa hats and hit the road so to speak. We presented out little show in several other classrooms and it was a huge hit.

I have also used your rhyming lists with the kids. Thank you for the great things posted on your site.

Granny Teacher

My name is Donna A. I am a first grade teacher at [an] elementary [school] in Tupelo, MS. I wanted to let you know that I use your poems and stories in class a lot, especially the poems to teach reading to my students. This week we are using "Don't Shave a Dog" as our shared reading. The students decided to give you some do's as a follow up to your wonderful poem. I promised them I would send our poem to you. I just wanted to let you know that your poems have inspired my class to write original poems where there was no desire to do it before. Thanks a bunch. Here is our poem:

"Just Do It"

Do comb your toes.
Do shave your pants.
Do party with crows.
Do make your pants dance.

Do sweep your hair.
Do mop your face.
Do dance with a pear.
Do cartwheels in space.

Of all the things that you can do,
Your own ideas are best.
Pick your favorite things to do,
Forget about all the rest.

Once again, I thank you for inspiring my students. I can assure you we will be using your poems in the future.

Donna A.

Hi Grandpa Tucker! I was skipping through your web site and loved everything I saw. How can you continue to write your poems and still write back to everyone who writes you? I could never keep up with all the work. I can't understand how you can make all of those long poems in so little time. Sometimes I can't even find 3 words that rhyme. You have probably gotten used to it since you've been doing it so long. When I was looking at the page of the people who wrote you, I couldn't help but notice that nobody from Arizona was up there. I know that a lot of people in Arizona send you e-mail so why don't you put a person from Arizona up there? Anyway, When your mom told you to write your first poem, what did you think. I wouldn't have thought it was fun because when we're little we all want to be outside with our friends. Anyway, I guess I'll go, but you can count on reading some more of my e-mail.

Katie T., Phoenix, Arizona

Hello, I just wanted to tell you that I love your web site I happened to stumble over today, and just had to tell you. I am planning on using some of your stories in my church newsletter. (with your permission). I know my church would love it.

In God's Love Always! Merry Christmas!!
Melissa (OHIO) Age 26

Hi. I am in the 7th grade and my brother is in the 3rd. We are getting ready to move to Oklahoma soon during the school year. Because of that my Mom is homeschooling us this year. In homeschool sometimes we have to memorize poems and we always go looking here for one. Your poems are a lot of fun for our family. Thanks a lot.

Megan Cleveland,TN, 12 years old

I am a reading teacher to reluctant/non-achieving readers and I am delighted to find your page and use it as I teach phonics and FUN! I am considered eclectic at best in my teaching style and use humor to encourage these 4th and 5th grade level students to turn-on to reading. Thank you for your delightful hilariously delivered poems. I love them!

Mrs. Heard in Alabama

I am a second grade reading teacher in Maryland. My students are below level readers and I have a difficult time motivating them to read. I plan to use these poems to reinforce the skill of main idea, and summarizing. Your poems are interesting and fun. As you know the key to motivating children is through humor. Your poems certainly do provide children with humor. Thanks!

Ann B., Maryland

I did order one of your wonderful books. I am going to order two more, one for me this time and one for a very dear friend of mine—he is probably the best teacher I have ever seen. He will love using your humor in his classroom.

I hope your sales are going well. I will tell everyone I know. Thank you for "keepin' me smilin'"

Sincerely yours,
J.G. Waxahachie, Texas

I happened upon your web page while looking for some crafts and activities for my son's preschool class. It is so hard to find good stories with great morals and wonderful lines that enchant both little folks and big folks. I happened onto your "Sammy the Turkey Snake" story, loved it, and began reading more. The little lessons and messages you convey in your writings are the exact things I love to read to my two sons (ages 4 and 6). You can never learn enough about others' feelings and perspectives. If my sons learn one thing, I hope it is to always consider the other person's viewpoint and to be open-minded and receptive to other people and their thoughts. Your stories are just that. It reminds people to be thankful for who they are and what they have in life. You never know what someone else is going through unless you have walked in his/her shoes. I purchased your book online a week ago and am enjoying it greatly. I thought about giving it to my son's preschool teacher, but can't bear to part with it, so I have ordered another book for his school to keep. He attends ...Nursery School in Florence, KY. The teachers there are wonderful and they try to instill many of the above qualities in each of their students. I gave the director...a copy of "Sammy the Turkey Snake", told her we Room Parents planned to read it to the students for their Fall Festival Party, and she fell in love with the story also. I know she will like your book, and hope that you know your writings are wonderful, delightful, and very much valued. I'm glad I happened upon your website and glad you wrote your book for others like myself to enjoy. God Bless You.

Sincerely yours,
R.M. Kentucky

Grandpa Tucker,
I love your book! I was excited to have received it so soon. I had found your web page about six months ago when working on a poetry anthology and found your work very amusing. I bookmarked it immediately. I am currently attending Southeast Missouri State University and in my third year of early childhood education classes. A couple of weeks ago I had a lesson plan to do and I needed a poem. I happened to think of your page so I visited your web page and got some wonderful ideas! Thank you!! :) I will remember your work for future assignments. I plan to take your book to class on Monday, along with your web address, and share it with my classmates (all education majors) - I am sure they will love it! I will visit your page often to check for new entries and look forward to purchasing your next book! Keep up the good work! I will definitely pass your name along!

Jaclyn W., Missouri

This is the first time I have heard of you, and I have to say what luck I had in accidentally coming across your web site. I am "Homeroom Mom" for my son's...kindergarten class and I am looking for some ideas for the Halloween party coming up soon. Your stories and poems are so funny, I was laughing out loud reading them. I have printed out "The Other Web" and I am thinking of reading the poem and having the kids decorate spiders out of "fun foam". I also printed the "I Love My Dentist". I work for a dentist and I think the office would love the poem. Last, but not least, I printed out the "If I Were A Frog" for my mother-in-law. She collects frogs and her birthday is this week. Not sure what I will do with it yet, but I know she will love it! I am so glad to find a wholesome site for myself and my kids to enjoy! Keep up the good work! I will be sure to pass your work on to my friends.

Thanks for the laughs,
Kelli K., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I received your book a couple of days ago and have absolutely enjoyed every page. My 8 year old son was visiting with me this past weekend and I had the pleasure of reading your book to him. He was a good audience and I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book to him.

Well done.

S. Sutterby

Just wanted to tell you how delightful your book is.....when Sim got it in the mail I snatched it away and read the whole is DELIGHTFUL!!!!!!

I've forwarded your web page link to friends and relatives with children and they LOVE it!

You know what makes your poetry so very special???? Besides being fun for children, it's also fun for adults....makes it a special reading time for both the children and the adults....well done!

Take care and keep up this excellent writing!
Bonnie Sutterby
PoetWorks Press

Last year I taught 5th grade. Every week I gave one of Grandpa Tucker's poems to my class. We would read them aloud and take turns doing the different verses in various ways. I wanted my students to get a feel for the meter and the patterning of words. During the month of April, National Poetry Month, my students wrote their own rhyming poetry. I used your rhyming familys idea and sure enough it worked like a charm. My students wrote the most wonderful poems and they enjoyed doing it. I always wondered how to teach rhyming poetry to kids and now with your website and your great ideas it was a snap. I have gotten a lot of other teachers onto your website. Thanks a lot and keep up the great work.

I came across your website through Heartwarmers. I am thinking of opening a bookshop that specialises in childrens and christian books here in Harare, Zimbabwe (Africa). This would be exactly the kind of book I would love to stock if things work out. I agree with you totally that children need to be taught a love of reading, especially nowadays, where there are so many other things competing for their attention - videos, computer games etc. Thank you for making your stories available to everyone - the message comes out loud and clear when humour is used and not sermonizing!!

May the Lord bless you and your work.

Best wishes
Fiona F.

...I have a truly amazing story pass on to you to make you feel really great. After dinner tonight we took Olga out front to show her fireflies. Our ten-year old neighbor, Tommy, came by to play. Tom is a great kid, but due to the school system and both parents working, he has always been behind in school, especially reading. His mom has been trying to take extra time to help.

It was getting dark and Olga was ready to go in, but suddenly I remembered your book and told Tom to hold on while I got it. Olga went in to bed. With your book in hand, and Tom sitting on his skateboard, I was unsure if his attention could be held. But, I asked him to read a one-page story and he did, but he was unsure of the "punch line" - probably his first exporsure to this kind of writing. I explained it to him. Then, I took the book and started to read about five different short stories to him. I've never seen him smile and ask for more to be read in the years that we've known him. It was getting really dark, and I said that I had to go in. Tom asked nicely, "Can I borrow that book?"

I told him that I just got it and had not had a chance to read it myself. But, I suggested he go on your WEB site and see more. Gave him the URL, and he said, "You better write it down."

A few minutes later the phone rang and Tom said he couldn't log on that moment since he had some tasks to do, but wanted to later. Such excitement in him really impressed me. I asked him why he enjoyed the stories, and he said they were fun and rhymed.

It just proved to me in real life what you and Deb Smith said about your work. Guess I'll be filling out a KP form for the book to arrive at Tom's door. In the meantime, since I have a specially autographed edition and collector's item, Tom can come by to read my book with me.

I'm truly impressed, Bob! Great work. Just had to pass this on to you.

Ciao! Pat
This is from Maryland!

When I turned on my computer today,
I found a surprise from a friend next door:
Your site is a wonderful place to play,
I can't wait to come and play some more!

I was checking this out for my little boy
(His love of language he got from me)
And discovered to my delight and joy
A site for all, even Mom and Daddy!

I did not know that on the Net
Would be a treasure such as this...
And if I met you, you can bet
Your cheek would get this Mommy's kiss!

(My poems are usually quite serious,
But I'm so delighted I'm near delirious!)

I can't begin to tell you how wonderful I think your site is. My 19 month old son loves stories and poems and I know he will be delighted with this site. I do occasional child care in my home and your poems are going to be playing a part. And after this, I think some of my own will too! What an inspiration this has been! Thank you!

Kim M.
Brigham City, Utah

I am not a school teacher, but I am the Director of Christian Education at my Church and I want you to know that I have used your poems in plays and other projects we have done. I look forward to reading your poems for special occasion. I think it would be a great idea if you published a book.

Thanks for the poems you have shared with all of us.

My name is Faye N. and I teach 1st grade at in Readyville, TN. My husband dicovered your website while surfing the net. He showed it to me and has printed copies for me to share with my class. That has been at least two years ago. We have really enjoyed your stories. The children love them. I have made a notebook to file them in by subject and holiday. I think a book would be great. Sammy is our most popular character. I try to coordinate the stories with the holidays. We try singing the songs but don't always get our tunes right. But we have lots of fun just the same. Our favorite story is Sammy the Christmas Snake. The kids always want me to draw Sammy on the board for them to see. Good luck on your book. We will be looking forward to it.

I've written to you before to tell you how absolutely marvelous your poems are. My fourth graders love them. Sammy Snake is a great favorite. You definitely need to have these put into a book and published.

I use them in several ways in my class. We have 5 computers, so I assign your site as one of our stations. Sometimes I meet with the group and we do this as an oral reading. The children love it!

I especially like to use your poems to get the children accustomed to delightful poetry. It seems to "wet their whistle of creativity" and makes them write better poetry and all writing in becomes more colorful!

As I had only discovered you during this year, I have not had a chance to explore all the other ways I would like to use your poems. The ideas are endless. If you need some to convince a publisher that this really would be a great idea, then here goes: (I'm going to do these these next year!)

  1. all of the above ideas
  2. use Sammy Snake as a "kick-off" to an animal unit--to research snakes
  3. Sammy--great lesson on anthropomorphism
  4. history poems--reinforcement for 5th graders after they've learned about the Revolutionary War, etc.--a humorous perspective that will help reinforce the information
  5. choral readings of any and all poems
  6. "Grandpa & Me"--good discussion of a close relative--discuss feelings, commonalities in older people and younger, discussion of what kind of things parents & grandparents did as a child (great for kids to interview these people, on tape or in written form)--stimulates discussion on "What is love and how do we show it?"
  7. "Someday I'll"--excellent for beginning of the school year--students can list things they want to do someday in their lives--discussion of how to get to that point, what needs to be done now in order to prepare for things tomorrow or way ahead in the future--how did kids prepare to do the things they are doing now--good intro to work completion! Good way to stimulate writing or discussion assignment.
  8. "Ode to a Twinkie"--Perfect for our health unit on foods. Students discuss a favorite food and write a poem about it or a paragraph or even a letter to the food telling it why they like it so much!
  9. "Chocolate Math"--how delicious!--perfect for fractions. I like to bring in Hersheys chocolate bars. "Chocolate Math" makes a great intro for this.
  10. All poems are excellent for memorization. Although I don't do this too often, I like to ask my students to choose a poem to render for the class. Your poems lend themselves perfectly for that because the children enjoy the rhymes!
I'm sorry I quit at 10 but it's rather late. I do hope that these will help you, and I'd be glad to send you others along the way if you need more ideas.

Please let all of us know if your poems will be in print, for I'd like to be the first to get them.

Take care, Denise B.
4th grade teacher
St. Louis, Missouri

I'm a teacher in Spain. I teach english to very young kids, from 2 up to 12 years old. I found your page incredible, I hope you don't mind that people like me visit your page and get ideas. It's great!!!

Thank you for sharing these materials.
Love, Miriam Tenacio.

IF YOU WRITE IT...THEY WILL COME (or in this case, BUY IT!)
Speaking on behalf of first graders in Stoneville, North Carolina, let me just say that we LOVE your poems! I have shared many many of them with our class. But the two that come to mind first are Chocolate Math and Good 'Ole Mom. Our first graders memorized Good 'Ole Mom and included it on video tapes they made for Mother's Day. Of course, their favorite line was the part about the clean underwear! :) Each time I mention that I have a Grandpa Tucker poem to go along with what we have been learning...the children clap and cheer in anticipation. I think that speaks volumes about the talent God has given you and how much others use and enjoy your website! If you choose to include your poems and songs in a book, this is one teacher assistant that would have two copies. One to keep in our classroom for the students to have in their hands and one at home too! THANK YOU FOR MAKING US LEARN AND LAUGH AT THE SAME TIME!


I just wanted to write and tell you that I think publishing a book of your poetry would be wonderful!!! I have used a variety of poems ( Purple and 911 for Peanut Butter) to teach beginning readers rhyming words and letter sounds just to name a couple!!

I am a student teacher/primary tutor and your site has been a great help to me!!! I think you should GO FOR IT!! I will be one of the first to purchase!

Sincerely, Denise

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for something that you did, but I'm sure you don't even know you were involved. You see, my Grandmother...has been in poor health this past year. She was always so good to send long letter to my two little girls (ages 7 and 5) but since she has been sick, her letter writing has been reduced to simple cards with short notes. Yet my daughters are so excited to see her cards because with great frequency, they also include a Sammy the Snake poem or one of your other poems that are published in her local paper (The Elburn Herald perhaps?) She's not able to write much but when my girls talk with her on the phone they are able to talk about the latest and greatest poem that she has sent and it gives her a great opportunity to "connect" with them even though we are 1200 miles apart.

My girls even take copies of their poems to their Kindergarten and second grade classes and share them with their classmates. The Halloween Sam the Snake was a hit with my Second graders class because they were studying snakes around Halloween and her teacher incorporated the Sammy the Snake poem into their reading assignment that week. We have you marked on our "Favorites" on the web and visit you often. Again, thank you for publishing such fun and family oriented poems and stories and giving my Grandmother the opportunity to send my girls her special treat with her letters. God bless you always,

Sandie and family

You had requested information about how your poetry is used in the classroom and I wanted to let you know that my class is putting on a "Tribute to Mothers" and we have decided to memorize "Good Old MOM!" as one of our featured poems.

Thank you for your interest about how your poetry is used in the classroom.


I teach English as a Second Language to middle school students in Yonkers, NY. The children and I love your stories and your poems. What a fun way to learn and practice English words and speech patterns!

I'm a media specialist in a PreK-5 public school for emotionally handicapped students. This is our 1st year of Internet access in our computer lab & I'm lucky enough to have a signal converter from a computer to a 36" TV. I use your Sammy Snake poems at holidays to get the kids settled in because they're in the library for an hour & that's a long time for these kids. We LOVE your poems. Thanks for sharing them with the world.

Panama City, FL

I have written you the last 2 years around this time to tell you how much I enjoy your poetry. I am a sponsor for the 3rd grade UIL Oral Reading team at my school. This will be the third year that I have used one of your poems in our academic competition. Last year I coached a boy who read "Willie Worm" and won first place with it. This year, I have a little girl who is reading "Sammy, the Turkey Snake." You should hear her "Tom, the Turkey Chief" voice! It's absolutely precious! She has always been a shy girl, but Sammy has really allowed her to blossom and come out of her shell. I will let you know how we did after the competition Saturday. Again, thank you so much for your wonderful poetry. I would love to see your work published. It is terrific!

Dayton, Texas

Hi Grandpa,

My name is Selena... and I am writing to you from Scotland. I am starting as a playgroup leader in the next few weeks, with an aim of becoming a primary school teacher after I finish my degree. I came across your great site, and would like to congratulate you on it. I have taken notes of a lot of your stories etc. and will definitely be back for more. Keep up the good work.

I am not a Kindergarten teacher yet, but soon will be. As many teachers know, the course work is rigorous. Grandpa Tucker's Rhymes and Tales became my sole resource for a Song and Poetry file assignment. I don't know what I would have done if I had not happened upon this website. It is chock full of gazillions of ideas, poems, stories, songs and just plain HELP. Thank you so much for providing this invaluable service for everyone. I cannot wait to put my new resource to work in my own classroom! Thanks again Grandpa Tucker!

Hello Grandpa Tucker,

This is Miss JOnes' 3rd grade class in... Georgia. We found your website and go there almost everyday. We are huge fans of yours. We think that your poems are so funny and clever. We have a poembook that we put each week's poem into. We have several poems that you have written in our books. Have you ever written a poem about 3rd graders? Where do you get your ideas for poems? Keep up the good job. We are always checking your website to see if there are new poems.

Miss Jones class

Hi Grandpa! I'm a 2nd grade teacher in San Diego, CA. I use your poems and songs quite often, especially during the holidays. We do a poem a week and they LOVE your writing!!!! We really enjoy your holiday songs! We are often caught humming and singing along throughout the day. You are a great inspiration for the children, especially the ones having trouble reading/writing. Keep up the GREAT JOB!!


Just wanted to say that your web page is Great. I just love it. I am presently majoring in early childhood education and your web page has helped me maintain an A+ average in one of my classes this quarter. I'd like to say Thank You...

My instructor just loves your work. I will also be passing this site on to other friends of mine that are in the day care business.

Thank you!

Once again I am visiting your site to get neat ideas. I would be more than happy to support a book of your stories and poems...

Just a review of the information you requested--I'm Jan and I teach second grade in the southern part of Indiana. I have recommended your site to many 'teacher friends' and they love it!

I often tape the music and print out your 'songs' so we can sing them in our classroom.

My class loves the silly poems and the stories. The children often are assigned to copy a short poem for their handwriting lesson and illustrate it for part of their creative expression time. Fortunately I have access to your site for continued new resources.

Good luck with your book adventures!!!

I am using your stories in my class. After teaching 20 years, I am retired, and I am now a volunteer teacher in my Granddaughter's class. At the end of the week, when we have covered many subjects (primarily science), we turn to your stories for fun. They also teach a great lesson. They LOVE Sammy Snake. They are second graders—the vocabulary is wonderful! Please put them into a book. And keep writing—your illustrations are fantastic. What a way to get children to read and love it! Thank you for sharing them on the Internet. I try to bring different things into the classroom—since I am retired—this is one tremendous source! Keep up the good work--good writing. I also am teaching writing (can you read without writing?). We are using your stories (with animals and their problems) to make up our own stories. Let us know what you think!


I'm not a teacher but I'm a fourteen year old tutor. I know what kids like and dislike in this day and time—since I am so close to being one. I also work with many kids of all kinds and just reading a few of your selections it is obvious to me that a book would be a wonderful idea. Many little kids today eat this stuff up. More books like this are needed in my opinion. WE need to start raising all the children of the world with stuff like being proud of who you are and everything. Our society is headed down a pretty steep hill, especially teenagers. I see it every day in school. It's horrible. But back to the point I think a book is a wonderful idea. Go For it. And notify me so I can get myself a copy. : )

I think a book is a great idea. So many children are so far away from their grandparents, it would be great to have a 'Grandpa' in the classroom. I started studying to be a teacher over ten years ago. I married and started my family and well, I sort of got slowed down a bit. Now I'm back in school working at my masters' degree in special education. I'm itching for my own classroom. While I'm waiting, I'm collecting material to use in the classroom. I hope you do write a book. I promise to buy it when you do. I like to think that my classroom will be filled with warmth and affection. I'm sure your book would help. GO FOR IT!

Mary B.

My name is Meloni B. and I am a technology consultant... My first (and favorite) job is to get teachers to incorporate technology into their classrooms. As you know teachers never have enough time or money to get together new materials for every holiday. I love to show them your site—they love it and their students really love it. Thanks for everything. Keep up the GREAT work.


Hello, my name is Jennifer B. and I teach at an elementary school in South Carolina. My third grade students love your poems and stories. I think a book of your poems would be wonderful. I have shared your website with many of my teaching "buddies" and they feel the same way I do. Please keep up the great work!! We love you Grandpa Tucker.

I think your materials are great. I am teaching in a multi-aged classroom (second and third). I have used your poetry with hand writing and for beginning the day. It is fun to see the students when they hear the funny rhymes and the characters are so lively!! Thanks

—Teacher from MN

Here in Texas, we have UIL competitions in which students read a poem and are graded for their ability to read with emotion and interpretation. I am so glad to find fresh, new material on the 4th 5th and 6th grade level which is long enough and uses different characters in which the students can use different voices and dialects. With your permission, I would like for a few of the students to read your poetry in these competitions.

Laura from Texas

...I teach [third grade] at an elementary [school] in Dayton, Ohio. Every week I give the students a poem. We talk about the differences in style, appearance, topics, etc. I just happen to find your poems on the Internet and loved them. I have started to share them with my students. They love them! They just laugh and laugh at them. The poems have sparked many interesting conversations about family members, memories, etc. I would love to see you publish a poetry book!

Your internet site is just wonderful. I'm a special education teacher and just discovered it in November. Now my students await your new stories each month. They just love reading them with me.Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with all of us on the internet.

New Jersey
K.K., one of your loyal fans

Grandpa Tucker, Your stories are so cute and they make not only children think but we adults also. Put your works in a book!

L.F. in Texas

Just a note to let you know how much your poems are enjoyed. I often read them to my kindergarten class and they laugh and scream so much after them, it's hard to continue teaching! Thanks for bringing a ton of smiles to my class!


Thank you for your wonderful web site. I teach teachers in a graduate program and they are enjoying your wonderful, creative site. I have shared it with 50 of them so far.It is wonderful to see what adults and kids can do to enjoy writing and reading their writing. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Jan Q, Illinois

I am an assistant in a 5th grade classroom at [an] Elementary School in Laurel County, KY. My fifth grade students love your poems and stories. I think a book would be wonderful. As a parent also, my own children loved them. Good Luck


I think the idea of a book is a wonderful idea just as I have told you before! I would really like an autographed copy. When do you anticipate the book coming out? If there is anything I can do for you please let me know! My children, year after year, love your stories, poems, etc. as do I! Thanks for doing all you do!

Diane, Alabama

I emailed you at the beginning of September, thanking you for your poems, and you kindly wrote back to me. Well, now I am writing to update you on my students' reactions to your work. THEY LOVE IT!!!!

We are doing a poem every week and they can't wait to hear the new one. We act them out and they perform them for the class. Even my lowest readers want to get up and read because they are so motivated by your work. They really struggle, but they insist on trying.

At first, when I told them we would be doing poetry, they sighed and said "Oh no." Now they love poetry because of your things. I do not require them to memorize the poetry, but they enjoy it so much, they memorize it anyway.

The sixth grade teachers loved Dashing Daryl Dalyrimple, so did my students. We just finished Rube and Tube which went well with my unit on deserts and snakes...

Heather, California

We are the fourth graders in room 16 at [a] school in Arcadia, California... We like your poems a lot. Will you make more story poems? Thank you for writing us your poems. Keep it up. You rock. Everybody likes you and you are very funny. Your poems are as solid as a rock. We are your fans.


Hello. My name is N.M. I teach 1st grade at [an] Elementary School in... South Carolina. I have used your poems to read to my class in language arts to teach rhymes. I have also read them aloud just for pure enjoyment. I have your web site listed as one of my favorites. I refer to it many times to see if you have added anything new. I would LOVE to see a book with your poems. Put me on the list to buy one! Let me know if I can help you in any way!

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